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Made in America interview with TabletDjs #7DaysAweeK By Ali Love Brown 8/10/2016

Journolist: What made you decide to start your brand TabletDjs?
It was a no brainer.Once my son showed me the app,it was basically a wrap.
I knew I could dj gigs the same way that I use to with the tech 1200’s.
I am doing it for him as well.Because I know in the next 10 years or less
the whole industry will be changed.So my company will be in the for front
of this renaissance.

Journolist: Explain the difference between djing with a tablet,record player,and controller?
There is no difference if you are a legitimate dope dj with the understanding of tech 12’s.
It is all the same.I will blend the same way on all three components.
You have to have that ear!Period.It’s not what equipment you use.It’s the spirit behind
the equipmnent.

Journolist: Why do you feel you stand out from the other dj’s?
Hiphop is my life first and formost.I respect all the great’s that came before me.
Charisma is the word I will choose to use.

Journolist: How long have you been djing?
I bought my first pair of tech’s from Armand’s in philly around 98-99

Journolist: What’s on your playlist right now?
Dj Khaled Don’t play yourself,PNB and Fetty,Oschino J.B.M,Young M.A.OOUUU
Brock Brown Vol 5, Troy Ave

Journolist: What venues have you played?
My last gig was last week at Dahlak Paradise in west philly.Crazy!
NJ Weedman’s Joint,Almaz Cafe Sunday Night Mixtape,Black and Nobel in-store
Endulge Juice Bar.11 gigs in 14 weeks.

Journolist: How do you feel about the music industry currently?
There is some dope music that artist are putting out this year.
Other then that this industry makes you invest and work.

Journolist: Any upcoming events or projects?
Waiting on word back from Black and Nobel for August 20th.
We are working on media visual branding.As well as more merchandise creation.
Journolist: Any last words?
Bookings and contacts at The new wave of new school djing
in the ever expanding new millenium.I turn up for real ask around if you
don’t know,come to one of my gigs.I do this for yall #7daysAweeK!


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/ August 17, 2016


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